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What is Business English all about?

This is important!

Why Teach
Business English?

50-100% Higher Hourly Wages
Smaller Classes, Fewer Students
No Discipline Problems
Professional Settings
Adult Students that often become your friends


Business English is typically taught to business people who need to use it in their daily duties.  Sometimes they purposefully take such a course to help improve their performance on the job, other times they are required to take it and aren't always happy about being in your classroom.  In some countries their performance in the English classroom and successful completion of a certain number of courses is a requirement for moving up the career ladder.
So . . . what this all means is that the people in the classroom WANT or NEED or are REQUIRED to learn Business English.  Motivation can be an issue in the classroom as students are often required to take classes early in the morning, before their regular duties begin, or late in the day following a full day of work.  Sometimes you will even hear tummies rumbling as they hope to get home to dinner soon . . .
This MOTIVATION issue means that lessons NEED to be - MUST be - RELEVANT to what students do on a daily basis. 

RELEVANCE is a critical issue in Business English

Why Study
Business English?

Required for promotion at many companies
Improve your ability to communicate with your customers abroad
Learn to do your job better, by better understanding foreign supervisors and managers


There are many unskilled EFL teachers who will say that Business English is just like teaching any other English class, except you put it in a business context.

Half-way Right . . .
Those who suggest that you simply change "The pen is on the desk" to "The report is on the photocopier" probably have not spent much time in a Business English classroom, nor have they been successful at it.  Nonetheless, there are many teachers, websites, and even lesson books that suggest that approach.  They are missing the boat in motivating their students . . .
After you spend a long day at work, how would you like to spend another hour - or two - in a classroom?  With, "The report is on the photocopier"? 
Think of the frustrations of the day, demanding and difficult clients and customers, unreasonable supervisors - and now you have to deal with that English teacher!
But . . . if a student's lesson is directly related to their work and their success, there will be a team of people EAGER for assistance in that classroom.
"Realia" or "authentic materials" are what create relevance in the Business English classroom.  Teachers should talk to students, ask them what they need help with.  Ask them about difficult conversations they have had and what the problem might have been.  Ask them about writing they need to do, emails they must answer - and then fit your course book and lessons into their specific needs.

Students should be encouraged to bring their email, correspondence and reports to the instructor so they can devise lessons and tasks for everyone to work on - that are relevant to their work place. 
Because much business communication is confidential - or product information is proprietary - students should block out confidential information.  NO ONE wants  photocopied handouts to get someone fired.

If a teacher's PERSONAL GOAL is to help students succeed, students quickly get that the teacher is on their team. Students quite easily pick up if their teacher is there just for the money, just for the "gig" - or to REALLY help them.

Teaching is "helping profession" - when  a student's interests are at heart, you will surprised how much fun can be had and how well classes will go.
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