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Banking Quiz
for Business English

All about Money

Complete each sentence below with a word from the table:

loan wages deposit debt
fees rebate budget stake
salary cash currencies income
capital fund installments pension
1. A person's money invested in their company is know as their .
2. A written plan for estimated income and expenses is called a .
3. Formally returning part of a payment is called a .
4. Regular part payments of loans or debts are called .
5. Doctors, lawyers and professionals are paid .
6. Money to be used for pension payments is kept in a pension .
7. The money needed or used to start a company is called .
8. Money placed in banks and savings institutions is know as a .
9. Money paid to retired people by the government or companies is called a   .
10. The money earned by and paid to office and professional workers is called a  .
11. The money earned and paid to workers for manual labor is called .
12. All the money received by a person or company is known as .
13. Borrowed money that has to be paid back is a .
14. Money borrowed from a bank is a .
15. The UK pound, European euro, Mexican peso,  and US dollar are all .
16. Money in notes and coins is known as .