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Finance Vocabulary
for Business English

Describing Stock Market  and Commodity Prices

The statements on the right describe price movement. 

Match the statements with the underlined words and phrases below.

a. went up a little
b. went up a lot
c. went down a little
d. went down a lot
e. stayed about the same

1. Gold shares tumbled in early trading today.


2. Shares in Volkswagen eased after their earnings announcement.


3. The Dow Jones Industrials were slightly stronger after the long weekend.


4. The FTSE suffered a setback after inflation figures were released.



In Tokyo today, the Nikkei shot up after auto sales numbers were aired.



Toyota shares rocketed to a new high.


7. Commodities prices held steady following last weeks gains.


8. Prices firmed in Singapore after GDP numbers were released.



Airline stocks crashed after the recent rise in oil prices.


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