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Human Resources Vocabulary
for Business English

Describing the Workplace

Fill in the blanks in the sentences below with the words on this chart:
middle managers over-worked white-collar hired
recruitment burned-out blue-collar fired
line managers lay-off shop floor fat
outplacement probation workforce lean
1. A or front-line managers supervise the workers that produce a company's product(s) .
2.   are literally in the middle - between the executive staff and the front-line managers.
3. Human resources departments are usually responsible for the  of new employees.
4. Once found and given a job, or , these new employees are usually scheduled for training.
5. is a period of time after a person is first hired when they are expected to learn and operate at specified skill levels, and to learn the policies and procedures of their new employer.
6. New employees who perform poorly are sometimes , or terminated, after a probationary period.
7. Workers in a factory or industrial-type setting are often called workers.
8. In a factory setting, most employees will work on the  , where products are produced.
9. Office workers are typically called  workers.
10. When economies and companies are struggling everyone is expected to work longer hours to ensure the success of their enterprise. During those times, many people are , and can grow very tired or even have health problems.
11. People who have over-worked and have grown quite tired of their work and company, often say they are .
12. If a company continues to have problems and is loosing a lot of money, they may need to employees and send them home without pay.
13. Executives and higher level white-collar workers, when laid off,  are sometimes scheduled for , meaning that they are helped with finding a new job elsewhere.
14. Lay offs and outplacement are more likely to happen after a company has grown with good profits and has hired too many people.
15. The goal of lay-offs and outplacement is to help the company get and remove fat so they can become competitive again.
16. All of the employees of a company, when considered together as a group, are often call the company's .