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Insurance Quiz
for Business English

Insurance Vocabulary

Complete each sentence below with a word from the table:

actuary assessor branches risk
agent adjuster premium loss
underwrite brokerage rates comprehensive
discounts claim cover policy holders
1. A payment for an insurance policy is called a .
2. insurance covers almost everything.
3. The guaranteed protection given by an insurance policy is called .
4. are the people who have bought insurance from an insurance company.
5. Reductions in price are called .
6. Prices are called in the insurance industry.
7. Local offices of a large insurance company are called .
8. Policy holders file a when they submit an application to their insurance company asking them to pay for loss or damage..
9. A company which buys and sells insurance policies is called a   .
10. Some companies insurance policies by guaranteeing the funds to pay claims and assuming risk.
11. When something damaged or stolen the policy holder suffers a .
12. An is employed by an insurance company to calculate the level of risk and determine the price of premiums.
13. An determines the value of personal and real property at the time an insurance policy is issued - or periodically.
14. An determines the value of a loss when a claim is filled.
15. An sells insurance policies for an insurance company and normally works on a commission.
16. The possibility of loss or damage that is covered by insurance is called .