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Insurance Quiz 2
for Business English

Claims and Liability


PART ONE: Claims
A claim is an application for payment to reimburse a policy holder for a loss they have incurred.  The following verbs are commonly used with claim

Look at the words in this table:

to submit to accept to settle
to make a claim to reject

Use the verbs above to fill the gaps in the sentences below. 
Change the form of the verb as needed.

1. If you suffer a loss that is covered by your insurance policy, you need  a claim on your policy.  (contact your insurance company and tell them about the problem)
2. Depending on the loss, it can take from a few days to a few weeks a claim.      (determine the outcome of the claim)
3. If the insurance company thinks that your claim is proper and that your loss was covered they will your claim.
(agree that your loss is covered by your insurance policy)
4. You will need to fill out a form with all the details and your claim to your insurance company. (give the form to them for their review)
5. If the insurance company does not agree with you they will your claim.  (turn down your request)

PART TWO: Liability
A liability is a responsibility for an event or action.  People purchase liability insurance to protect themselves, their families and businesses in the event they are found responsible for damages or harm to another person, property, or a business.


Match each of the "liability" word partnerships with the appropriate definition:

1. provides cover in case a member of the public has an accident.
2. covers a range of possibilities if your business is your livelihood.
3. provides compensation in situations such as death, injury or damage to a third party.
4. means that when an employee has an accident at work, he can claim compensation.