Business English Making Appointments Lesson

Business people meet with clients, suppliers, owners, managers and others on a regular basis. 

Arranging those meeting times is the target language for this lesson.

The structure of these conversations often looks like this:

Requesting an appointment: 

Politely asking for a meeting  

If possible, I would like to come by and see you [tomorrow]? 

I was wondering if we could get together [on Tuesday]? 

Do you think we could get together [next week]? 

Do you mind if we get together [sometime]?

Could I visit you [later today]?

Could I meet with you about this?

Can we get together and talk about this?

Is there a good time for us to get together [on Monday]?

Suggesting a time/date:

Could we meet at _________ on ________ the _____ of _____?

Could we meet at 10AM on Monday the 3rd of July?

Could we . . .

Can we . . .

Is it possible to . . .

I’d like to see you at [time and date] . . .

Would [time and date] be good for you?

Rejecting a time/date:

Apologize and give a reason

I’m sorry, I’ve got another meeting then.

I’m afraid I can’t, I’m out of town that day.

I wish I could, but . . .

[Date/time] is not good for me, I’m sorry.

Suggesting an alternative time/date:

How about next Friday, instead?

Maybe 11:00 a.m.,  instead?

How about . . .

Could you do it at . . .

Agreeing to a  time and date:

That’s fine. I’ll see you then.

That sounds fine/good/great/super to me.

Yes, lets try that.

Perfect, let’s do it then.

Perfect, let’s do that.

Practice the following dialog with a partner:

A: Hello, Mr. Zain?  This is Henry Chu over at Hitachi.
B:  Hello Henry, what can I do for you?
A: I was wondering if we could get together on Tuesday to talk about the specs* on the relays you ordered.
B: Tuesday sounds fine to me, what time is good for you?
A: How about 2 p.m.?
B: I’m sorry, I’ve got to meet with Mr. al Ghazi then, but any other time is fine.
A: Can we try 3 p.m. then?
B: That’s perfect, see you then.
A: Thank you Mr. Zain, I’ll see you Tuesday then, at 3 p.m.**
* specs are short for specifications – or details
** repeat the time to confirm agreement -this is not always done

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Business English Making Appointments Lesson