Business English Taking Messages Activity

Activity 1.

Work with a partner and use the information in the table below.  Use the full dialog from the bottom of the Taking Messages Lesson Page.

Switch roles and practice again.

name & # company calling at message
1. Susan Wilcox
Rambus Microchips Willy Gates MicroSurf, Inc the microchips you ordered have arrived.
2. Dave     Young
Rig Oil Corp. Tanya Smith Jimbo’s Gas Stations prices are going up next week – better to order now
3. Francisco Vasquez
DDD Inc. Ronald Barber Waste Managers Inc. we need our large trash containers emptied
4.  Debra Monroe
Splitstra Construction Cynthia Slyski Dental Associates construction of the new offices will be delayed by two months

Activity 2. 
Use the dialog model to leave and take messages using your name and company information.

Business English Taking Messages Activity