Business English Telephone Activity

Activity 1.

Work with a partner and practice the dialog with the characters in the table below.  Use the full dialog from the bottom of the Telephoning Lesson Page.
One student can be the person being called and the other can be telephone operator who answers.

name company calling at about
1. John Daley Daley Enterprises Vicki Chang  Travel and Leisure, Inc. They have not paid the last invoice.  It is late.
2. Ginny Wang Anuphas, Inc. Zack Hines Farang Restaurants, Ltd.* Repairs to their corporate limousine have been completed.
3. Elmore Leonard Lifestyle Writers Cooperative Rocco Mediate Mission Hills Resorts Sales brochures for their new condo sales unit are ready to be picked up
4. A.J. Choi Skill Training International Jenny Ho Laguna Manufacturing Corporation The new training program is ready for their review
* Ltd. means Limited, as in limited liability corporation

Activity 2.

Now work with a partner and practice the dialog with your own company information.  Call about a problem that would be real for your company.  Change partners and work your way around the classroom with different reasons for calling someone. 

Business English Telephone Activity