Describing Products and Services Lesson

Explaining products and services to customers and clients in another language can be difficult, but the basic tools for beginning are here.

Model language and key words for discussing and describing products and services:

Asking About Answering
What does your company sell? Name your products
What products do you sell?
What do/does your [the product(s)] do? It . . .
They . . .
It helps . . .
They help . . .
What services do you provide? We provide . . .
What [kind of] services do you provide?
[asking for more detail]
We help . . .

** Help and provide are two good words to rely on when you are describing products and services.

Practice the following dialogs with a partner.  Change roles and ask and answer the questions:

Dialog 1
A: What does your company do?
B: We manufacture and sell fire prevention and fire control equipment.
A: What do your products do?
B: They help prevent fires and help suppress fires once they have started.
Dialog 2
A: What does your company do?
B: We provide security services to large businesses and hotels.
A: What kind of services to you provide?
B: We provide security guards, CCTV and 24-hour monitoring.

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Describing Products and Services Lesson