Expressing Opinions Lesson


Expressing opinions in meetings, discussions, problem solving and other situations are an important part of a businessperson’s day. 

Learning to express an opinion, to agree or disagree, in a positive and inoffensive manner is an important social skill.

Review the following expressions

Expressing a General Opinion

In my opinion . . .

I think . . .

I prefer . . .

Expressing an Opinion about Taking Action

We could . . .     Maybe we could . . . (softer)

Could we . . .?  (more polite)

I think we should . . .

I don’t think we should . . .

Why don’t we . . . (more polite if inflected as a question)

How about . . .

Expressing Agreement

Great idea!

I agree.

That’s a good idea.

I think so too.

I would go along with that. (positive, but slightly neutral)

I might go along with that. (even more neutral, but slightly positive)

Maybe you are right. (positive, but slightly neutral)

Expressing Disagreement

I’m not sure about that (negative, but slightly neutral)

I don’t know, but it seems that . . . (gentle)

I don’t think I agree.

I don’t agree. (stronger)

I’m afraid I disagree.

I’m sorry, but I don’t agree.

I’m not sure that’s the best idea.

Yes, but . . .

Practice the following dialogs with a partner.  Change roles.

Dialog 1 – Discussing Pricing
A:  Sales have been off quite a bit this month.  I think we need a big sale to get things moving.
B:  I’m not sure that’s the best idea.  In my opinion, people will get used to the lower prices and not want to buy when the sale is over. The promo went on for so long people started thinking the lowered prices are the items’ actual prices.
A:  Maybe we could offer a short-term rebate*?
B:  I might go along with that.
Dialog 2 – Shoddy service . . .
A:  What do you think we should do about our #1 salesperson jumping ship**?   She’s going to work for our competitors.
B:  I think we should offer her a big raise to stay.   She’s worth it.
A:  I’m afraid I disagree.  If we make the offer, she will threaten to quit any time she wants more money. 
B:  Yes, but she’ll be impossible to replace.  The head office will be upset when sales go down.
A:  Hmmm, maybe you are right. 

* rebate means refunding a portion of money that has already
been paid.     ** jumping ship means leaving

Expressing Opinions Lesson - Business English

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Expressing Opinions Lesson