Business English Charts and Graphs

Describing performance with charts and graphs in Business English.

Use the words below to describe these line charts:

rose sharply increased gradually remained constant reached a peak
fluctuated fell gradually leveled off declined sharply
Business English Charts and Graphs

     1. Sales _______________ .

     2. Wages _______________ .

     3. Inventory _______________ .

     4.  Costs _______________ .

 5. Overhead _______________ .

 6. Production _______________ .

 7. Supply _______________ .

  8. Unemployment ___________ .

1. Sales remained constant
2. Wages fell gradually
3. Inventory declined sharply
4. Costs reached a peak
5. Overhead rose sharply
6. Production leveled off
7. Supply fluctuated
8. Unemployment increased gradually

Find other ways to describe the terms used in the exercise above and match them below:

1. remained constant
2. fell gradually
3. declined sharply
4. reached a peak
5. rose sharply
6. leveled off
7. fluctuated
8. increased gradually
a. was steady
b. rose slowly
c. was up and down
d. peaked and then fell a bit
e. shot up
f. dropped like a rock
g. eased off
h. moved up slowly
i. dropped off a bit

[Answers: 1.a; 2.i; 3.f; 4.d; 5.e; 6.g; 7.c; 8.h,b]

The charts above are “line charts” – what are the names of the charts below?




[Answers: #1. Pie Chart, #2. Bar Chart]


Business English Charts and Graphs